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Welcome To Executive Flight Management

For every available aircraft there is a complex matrix of operating scenarios. Our aviation architecture begins with experience and demonstrated performance for over 38 years. Our highly specialized and vertically integrated company provides individual solutions for each customer.

We are a diverse aircraft management, charter, maintenance and aviation resource. Our credentials include Federal Aviation Regulation 91, 135, 125, 121 and 145 for business and transport aircraft operations. We offer specific expertise on Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, Raytheon and Embraer ranging from turboprops to light, medium, heavy and transport jet aircraft.

Combining your goals with our approach is the innovative synergy where you fly on the leading edge. Your advantage begins with our desire to listen. Our team of mechanics, pilots, customer service representatives and administrative support staff average more than ten years with this company. We answer all technical questions in understandable common sense.

We invite you to explore every aspect of business aviation. Please tour our website. Discover Executive Flight Management/Trans American Charter, Ltd., is the answer to your first question.

Extended Range Aircraft

All business jets have special purpose.  I have often been inspired by how our customers arrive at the necessity to fly privately.  As we all work to help each other around the world extended range aircraft are part of our greater call to help you realize your legacy.

Extended range aircraft are designed to fly farther without necessity for a fuel stop.  How far?  Historically general aviation has been led by Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier along with Boeing and Airbus variants, in the 4,000 nautical mile arena.  Over the past decade this range has increased to 6,000+ nautical miles including city pairs such as Los Angles to London.   Today we introduce shocking new aircraft services with our “First Best Range.”

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Transport Aircraft

Transport aircraft owners face unique challenges from the point of a return condition. Moving aircraft to a storage facility begins a process of choosing less desirable options. Newer aircraft within ten years of production may find success at the second tier. Absent any immediate re-deployment of either these or older assets automatically begins unpredictable depreciation and maintenance liability. What’s next? We bring transport aircraft into business aviation.

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Aircraft Maintenance

As an FAA Certified Repair Station for more than 29 years, Executive Flight Management provides a wide range of aircraft maintenance services including development of our own Federal Aviation Regulation 121 maintenance program for a Boeing (DC-9). Our expertise and capabilities include piston, turboprop, jet and airline customers for over two decades.

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