Transport Aircraft
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Transport Aircraft

Transport Aircraft

“Moving transport aircraft into business aviation for 35 years”

Transport aircraft owners face unique challenges from the point of a return condition. Moving aircraft to a storage facility begins a process of choosing less desirable options. Newer aircraft within ten years of production may find success at the second tier. Absent any immediate re-deployment of either these or older assets automatically begins unpredictable depreciation and maintenance liability. What’s next? We bring transport aircraft into business aviation.

Business aviation represents a dynamic alternative utilization of transport aircraft. New aircraft delivery of Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), Airbus A-319 corporate jet (ACJ) remains steady. Both Bombardier and Embraer continue steady growth of market share utilizing larger cabin aircraft in lower density seating arrangements for personal use aircraft. I propose to the transport aircraft fleet owner alternative models in different market segments with demonstrated success.

A returned aircraft in storage is not performing! Either first, second, or third tier aircraft are ideal for us. Many of these aircraft require significant re-investment. The conversion cost to lower density configurations can be minimized. Customers may include energy companies, or, high net worth individuals. A medium or long-term lease is also ideal for any business aviation customer who prefers a lower profile.

Executive Flight Management & Trans American Charter, Ltd., is a vertically integrated aviation service company. Our management services include flight operations, maintenance, technical representation of air-frame, engine, components, aviation consulting, etc. Our experience includes FAR 91, 135, 121, 125 and 145. We utilize the best resources to bring your assets to a higher value and return to service in business aviation!