Extended Range Business Jet
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Extended Range Business Jet

Extended Range
Business Jet


All business jets have special purpose.  I have often been inspired by how our customers arrive at the necessity to fly privately.  As we all work to help each other around the world extended range aircraft are part of our greater call to help you realize your legacy.

Extended range aircraft are designed to fly farther without necessity for a fuel stop.  How far?  Historically general aviation has been led by Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier along with Boeing and Airbus variants, in the 4,000 nautical mile arena.  Over the past decade this range has increased to 6,000+ nautical miles including city pairs such as Los Angles to London.   Today we introduce shocking new aircraft services with our “First Best Range.”

The Boeing 777 and Airbus A-330 offer unique and specialized benefits in the extended range category.  Utilizing these aircraft in a private aircraft configuration will exceed 7,500 nautical miles range.  The cabin size allows potential combinations that will include lie flat sleeping zones, along with potential conference areas, state rooms, showers, etc.  First Best Range customized operational support includes dedicated customer service with a single point of contact, private chef menu options, choice of bed sheet thread count, etc.

Attention to every detail is the core of our aviation services business. 

For those who understand the world of private aircraft, we propose new extended range aircraft availability.  Our numbers will be shockingly LESS THAN you would expect when compared to any new larger cabin aircraft.  We offer customized interiors.  Ownership, lease, share, or block time options are available.

I began writing about our extended range aircraft services by suggesting a higher call.  We are often asked to participate in humanitarian relief efforts.  Earlier this year, while most countries closed their borders, we answered the call and utilized one of our Boeing 767-300ER’s to bring critical supplies from China to aide health care workers.  The Boeing 777 gives you the power to include cargo, supplies, equipment to help our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Your legacy can make a difference in the world with our support of your vision.