Inflight Services
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Inflight Services

Inflight Services

Welcome aboard!

Those words begin your journey.  For more than 35 years the dedicated team of inflight specialists have endeavored to attain the ultimate cabin sanctuary specifically for you.

How do we make the ultimate difference?  We listen.  A research “team” approach to origin and destination details.  We celebrate global culture in our presentations of cabin services.  Every region of the planet offers magnificent seasonal color that bears fruit.  A global reach utilizing strategic relationships with sensitivity to each palette.

Inflight services are refined by combining experiences from the best of private aircraft to include first class products with the highest ratings.  Our goal is to enrich the guest experience with all hand delivered gourmet selections.  Bedding preparations include thread count verification or silk.

Dedicated inflight service attendants incorporate the best mix of skills.  Each member of our team is highly trained in required safety procedures. Their education also includes special communication skills without being intrusive.  Personalities are not invasive yet remain sophisticated and charismatic.

We wish you a safe peaceful journey.