Aircraft Maintenance
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Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

“Our expertise and capabilities include Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, Raytheon and Embraer ranging from turboprops to light, medium, heavy and transport jet aircraft for over three decades”

  • Airframe maintenance and inspection
  • Engine changes
  • Engine and APU repair and hot section inspection
  • Detailing and bright metal polishing
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Sheet metal repairs
  • Battery overhaul
  • Non destructive testing
  • Component painting
  • Transparency repairs / polishing
  • Exterior refinishing consulting
  • Maintenance following
  • Flight Safety and Manufacturer trained
  • Interior completion design consulting
  • Site technical representation

Airframe Maintenance and Inspection

Engine Changes

Engine and APU Repair & Hot Section Inspections


  • Interior completion design consulting and on site technical representation.


  • Part 91 Operations
  • Part 135 (nine or less) operations
  • Part 135 (ten or more) operations
  • Part 125 non-scheduled operations
  • Part 121 non-scheduled operations


  • 145 Repair Station
  • All technicians are Licensed
  • Part 135 (ten or more) operations
  • A&Ps Factory and 3rd party training


Byron Heidorn
Vice President of Maintenance
Office: (630) 536-1610
Fax:     (630) 536-1639