Distressed Aircraft Opportunities
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Distressed Aircraft Opportunities

Distressed Aircraft Opportunities

“Our management of your aircraft transaction includes technical
experience & aviation common sense”

Aircraft values follow domestic and international economic trends. For the past fifteen years, general aviation has enjoyed robust growth. For the past two years, used aircraft inventories have dramatically increased. Newer aircraft, including very popular models, are now available in abundance. There are distressed asset opportunities. We offer assistance with both acquisition and exit to maximize and minimize current market conditions.

Our management of your aircraft transaction includes technical experience and aviation common sense. Based on the status of forthcoming maintenance the distressed aircraft acquisition may, or may not be, a great deal. For example, a 1999 business jet priced $500,000 below wholesale market may appear fantastic. However, if the calendar limited maintenance action due in three months after the sale has a potential liability of $700,000 then it becomes a better deal for the seller.

We offer specific experience with Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Hawker Beechcraft, etc. The combined resources of Executive Flight Management, Trans American Charter include hangar storage, maintenance, and flight operations. Our program adds value for both buyer and seller by including our new and used specification/modification service to introduce positive changes to the condition of each aircraft. It is the “TIME TO BUY .” We also help those who “MUST SELL.” We are routinely contacted by institutional investors, corporations and high net worth individuals on both sides of the economic wave. Please contact us for additional information.