Interim Lift Solutions
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Interim Lift Solutions

Interim Lift Solutions

“We will provide competing aircraft for analysis on
a monthly or semi-annual basis”

Aircraft Buyer

Our Interim Lift Solution (EFM-ILS) is a program designed to support aircraft buyers with the availability of aircraft within or outside our fleet. As a buyer, you will discover that in each category of turboprop, very light, light, medium and heavy jet aircraft, there are multiple aircraft manufacturers and too many brokers or sales organizations. A single demonstration flight may not give you enough confidence to make a decision. It can be a very complex process and we will assist you. EFM-ILS will provide competing for aircraft for analysis on a monthly or semi-annual basis.

Aircraft Owner

There are a number of occasions where your aircraft may not be available. Maintenance, scheduling conflicts, or your aircraft is either too large or small for that extra trip. Whether another executive, maintenance requirements or the annual board meeting creates the necessity to look for another aircraft. Many companies schedule our aircraft weekly, monthly, or annually when more seats are required. EFM-ILS will provide interim transportation as needed. Ask us today which aircraft may fit best into your puzzle?